Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Chloe!!!

My sweetie pie turns four years old today!I decorated with this adorable "girl with balloons" piece I recently bought from Caitlin over at Nice. Also the sweet as candy banner from Analise at Sugar*Sugar. Love this series of photos showing the true enjoyment of a birthday cake.

I love you Chloe!

Pssst....it's also Hope's birthday today. Be sure to hop on over to her blog and wish her a happy day!


Silke said...

She is adorable!!! Happy Birthday, Chloe! :-) Silke
P.S. The cake looks delicious!

flowrgirl1 said...

Happy Birthday chloe! what a great party. I bet she feels like a princess everyday!

snowbear said...

Happy Birthday Chloe!! You are growing up to be a beautiful young lady!!

I knew her bday was this month, but thought it was before mine and my dd's... oops.

The cake is gorgeous.. Kari did you make it??

leesiebella said...

Happy 4th Birthday to Chloe!! Yum, that cake does look incredible!!! Adorable smile to match!

Hope you had a nice Easter Kari!!

kana said...

Such a sweet and pretty girl you have!!

nice-etc said...

aww what a happy celebration! the girl with balloons looks right at home there, so glad you are liking it! i hope you all have a happy day..that cake is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Kari, Chloe is just a little doll. You take the best photos!
Lorie from the Nest

Shell said...

Happy Birthday, Chloe. Your cake looks beautiful and delicious.

Paper Relics said...

Happy birthday Chloe! Gosh she is ADORABLE - I wish I lived close so we could share not only birthdays... but birthday CAKES!!

Thanks for the happy wishes!

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

She is just precious! What a lucky mom you are!

m ^..^

Elizabeth said...

Cute photos! Happy Birthday Chloe!
You look so much like your mama!
I just love birthdays!

Maija said...

She is so lovely, Kari!!

jenny holiday said...

Could this lil doll be any prettier?? My goodness!!!

So so so sweet!! Such a cutie!!!!

I cannot believe Chloe is 4! In one way it seems like the years are just flying by....and on the other hand...she is sooo incredibly darling and grown up. Thanks to her mommy!! I love seeing all that you two do together!! So so fun!!!

Sending lots of love to you all!!

XOXO Jenny...and Aaron

Happy Spring

ps...I had that lil girl with balloons from NICE in my favorites for sooo long. So happy it went to such a GREAT home!! It looks so so so sweet!! I love everything Caitlin does!

Priscila said...

ur daughter is major cute ! Im glad she had a good bday and a wonderful easter

Ollie and Viv said...

Hey Kari!! You know I am a slacker blogger - and I've not looked at yours for a long time. It is amazingly fabulous!! So many gorgeous things, and then the most gorgeous of all if your sweet Chloe. What a *doll*. She is so so beautiful. I know how much you wanted that sweet baby girl and it is so wonderful to watch them grow up. :) It looks like such a lovely little party. So glad you guys are doing well. :)