Friday, December 02, 2011

Day two....

The kids have really been enjoying the book advent idea. Last night after dinner we did winter wreaths since the theme of yesterday's books were snow and winter.
Chloe made this wreath using some of the glittery snowflakes I had around and some fun goodies from my vintage stash. So fun to find a project to use these on! As always, Lowell had his own interpretation and made an adorable little snowy scene. Love the creativity!
This morning they woke up bright and early excited for their next book, which was Sparkle's Brightest Holiday by Andrew Clements.
They were eager to do the craft right away, and since it needs 24 hours of drying time we went for it. This craft was inspired by these string balloon snowballs by Martha. After they dry we pop the balloon inside and (hopefully) have a stiff string snowball shaped ornament. We will then add glitter to them to make them ~*sparkle*~. I do have to admit this craft is very messy and I ended up dropping watered down glue all over the carpet before sunrise. Yikes! 

                             Thanks for your kind comments, we're really having fun with this countdown.

I also thought I'd share my little holiday journal. It began right after Thanksgiving when I was thinking about to-do lists and plans for the holiday's. We were also getting a lot of catalogs in the mail, so I wanted a place to put these bits of visual inspiration. It's just a little notebook to jot thoughts, pretty pictures and other fun stuff.


Paper Relics said...

love it all - the photos, the journal, the wreaths, the kids :)

snowbear said...

AHHHH... the original version of pinterest!!! Love your project... glittery always gets my attention.

Shell in your Pocket said...

I love all your pictures!

sandy toe

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